Radheef – The new Dhivehi Dictionary app for iOS

The Radheef app running fine on an iPhone 4.

The all new Dhivehi dictionary app for iPhone & iPad has been released on 21st June 2012, by Semicolon Maldives. According to its iTunes info page, the current version features over 31,000 Dhivehi words and its definitions, in Dhivehi. And yes, this app is totally FREE!

The app doesn’t require an additional Dhivehi keyboard to be installed to your phone, meaning this app will work just right without Jailbreaking your device. You can type in Dhivehi using the normal english keyboard, just like its done in computers, or if you got it Jailbroken already, you can acquire the iThaana Keyboard by Kudanai as well.

To download the app to your device, click the button below.