Online Translation of the Holy Quran in Dhivehi

A fully navigable and searchable  Dhivehi (Maldivian National Language) translation of the Holy Quran has been released online (view pic). The website shows the Dhivehi translation of the verses of Quran just below its Arabic script, which is then followed by the English translation by A. Yusuf Ali.

According to Malik, this website is now being developed in coordination between MOSS (Maldives Open Source Society) and the team

The URL of the website is:

Other online Dhivehi translations of the Quran include the Presidents Office website’s Quran page, which shows the latest Dhivehi translations of the Holy Quran in PDF format. is also a fully navigable and interactive Quran website which also has a Dhivehi translation of the Quran within its bank of translations in different languages.

For those who want to create websites like these or Software for mobile and other devices, Right Click and Save the links below to get the Translation of Quran in Dhivehi (from

Please note that this release of the translation is property of the Presidents Office of Maldives and are bound by the following conditions:

  1. There should be no modification of the actual translation
  2. The source for the translation should be properly cited. That is presidents office of Maldives.